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Here's what's included in your 23 day journey through Vietnam!

We've tailor made this tour to give you the best, most immersive experience that Vietnam has to offer. This includes fantastic accommodation, top-notch tour guides, and the ideal way to travel and make new friends!


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23 days


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Day 1

Meet & Greet

The adventure begins! Settle in at the hotel, meet the BTV tour guides, and get to know your travel mates before a complimentary welcoming dinner that samples Vietnam's most delicious dishes. Then, a night out in the ever-bustling streets of Hanoi.

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Day 2

1000 Year Old Sights

Take in the sights of Vietnam’s 1000 year old capital city! Explore all the must-see sights of Hanoi including Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, Ngoc Son Temple, and One Pillar Pagoda. Finish your day of exploring with the perfect post-sightseeing activity -- a one-hour, traditional Vietnamese massage.

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Day 3

Hello, Halong Bay

Cruise on our privately reserved sleeper boat as we voyage through this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sunset cocktails from the topdeck - just in time for happy hour - is a can't-miss experience. Sit down for a never-ending feast afterwards that gives way to nighttime festivities. Consider this something like a cocktail cruise with a world class view.

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Day 4

Caves & Free Time!

Catch sunrise on the topdeck with your morning cup of coffee before we set out to explore Halong's Thien Canh Son Cave! Then, enjoy a lunchtime feast aboard the boat before heading to Tam Coc to kick back and relax at our ever-welcoming countryside resort - pool table, fishing pond, and stunning scenery included.

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Day 5

Cave & River Adventures

Climb the 500 steps of Hang Mua to the picturesque view of the elaborate system of mountains, caves, and rivers below. Unsurprisingly, this was once the choice spot of the King where he held day-long celebrations that included dancing, feasting, and drinking rice wine. Afterwards, we cycle our way through ricefields and village of Ninh Binh before taking a ride on the same river system later in the day in a traditional sampan boat.

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Day 6

Primate Centre & Jungle Trek

Visit the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre and come face to face with some of the world’s most critically endangered primates! Many of these species have been pushed to the brink of extinction - some being one of less than 100 left in the entire world - making the work of this incredible rehabilitation organisation that much more important. But first, a jungle trek through the surrounding National Park. Then hop on the sleeper bus and wake up in the lazy town of Phong Nha.

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Day 7

Phong Nha Free Time

Explore the beauty of Phong Nha or post up by the hotel pool! This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia - clocking in at over 400 million years old. There are many caves and waterfalls to explore for the restless. For the not-so-restless, we suggest poolside beverages.

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Day 8

The Dark Cave Awaits!

Ziplining, kayaking, caving knee deep in mud… you make this day as adventurous as you’d. What to expect? Start off with the longest zipline in Vietnam before heading in for some fun in the mud. After, kayak adventures before we finish off with a refreshing swim and float in the Chay River.

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Day 9

Beach Time Then Hue

Early bus down to the Ancient Capital of Hue! En route, we stop off for a recharge with some much-needed beach time. Sunbathe, swim, and soak in the first of several beach stops on your journey towards Saigon. Then we weave our way into Hue for two nights in the centre of a historic, vibrant city. For evening times, there are many markets with much to explore, eat, and drink just near the hotel.

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Day 10

Check Out the Former Capital

For a century, Hue was the capital of Vietnam. Spend the day seeing the remnants of those times at this UNESCO World Heritage Site -- such as the Imperial City and Forbidden Purple City. Afterwards, we volunteer some time at a local school to play games, help out with English-speaking lessons, and experience an entire different side of Vietnamese culture. Then, back to the beach!

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Day 11

Drive Hai Van to Hoi An

The Hai Van Pass: 19 kilometres of roadway that towers above the dramatic coastline of Central Vietnam. Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC's Top Gear praised this drive as "...a deserted ribbon of perfection -- one of the best coast roads in the world." Photo stops will be made! Plus, a pitstop for a swim and stretch at a little-known natural spring along the way.

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Day 12

Free Time in Hoi An

Explore the uniqueness of this ancient port town and UNESCO World Heritage Site… or just enjoy the white sands and warm waters at An Bang Beach. Bamboo raft rides are also a cultural experience not to be missed. Time to hit the brakes on the bus rides and enjoy five days experiencing the eclectic charm of The City of Lanterns - Hoi An's well-deserved nickname. But free time is your time - we suggest, you decide.

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Day 13

Bike & Beach

Bike to the beach for some group bonding (and beach beverages). Catch some sun, rent a paddleboard, sample the local seafood, and enjoy Hoi An's most stunning beach. Not feeling beachtime? The tailor-made clothing is world-famous (and incredibly affordable) or you can just hang by the hotel pool.

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Day 14

Live Like The Locals

Cycle through the ricefields to the organic gardens for a day of unique cultural experiences. Stop by a local farmer's market, make rice paper from scratch, get in the garden alongside local farmers, and learn to make four mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes from scratch! And don't forget the well-deserved foot massage.

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Day 15

Last Day in Hoi An

Maybe it's time for that coconut basket boat ride? Or maybe not. We offer a list of activity options for you to choose from. If you'd prefer some you time, we suggest meandering through Ancient Town or back to the beach you go to work on that holiday tan. Then, away we go on the sleeper bus to Nha Trang later this evening.

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Day 16

Free Time in Nha Trang

Our hotel is just a few minutes walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Post up there or enjoy the rooftop views and grab some sun before the Nha Trang nightlife heats up. Free time activity options include: a visit to Vinpearl Land Waterpark - Vietnam's answer to Disney World (kind of) or a visit to the mud baths for a full-day hyrdotherapy extraganza.

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Day 17

Authentic Island-Hopping

Everyone loves a boat party, right? Snorkel Vietnam’s best reefs, eat like the locals, dive in from the topdeck, soak up some sun and get involved with the floating bar -- a true can’t miss experience. Karaoke is also an option! Nha Trang is one of Vietnam's most tropical desitnations and this day is spent exploring as much of that as possible.

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Day 18

Waterfalls & Alpine Coasters

From the weather to the architecture, Dalat is unlike any other place in Vietnam. This holiday getaway is also one of the best spots to visit Vietnam’s most stunning waterfalls. The Alpine Coaster brings you to the bottom of the falls in a high-octane rush of adrenaline and the short hike aftewards provides big scenic rewards. Then, to the buzzing night market.

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Day 19

Beach Resort

Morning bus from the green highlands to the bone-dry desert of Mui Ne! Chill out at the beachside resort and enjoy one of the last beach days on tour. Somewhere over the last three weeks and 1,500 kilometres of travelling, these complete strangers have become part of your new backpacker family. And you all deserve some rest and relaxation after all you've done. The beach is just a few steps from your door, the pool is first class, and the activity options are many.

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Day 20

Sand Dunes Sunrise

Wake up for sunrise over Phan Thiet’s sprawling White Dunes - one of those surreal places where the desert meets the sea. Take the short walk to the top of the dunes for the sunrise, sled the Red Dunes, visit the enchanting Fairy Stream, and see a local fishing village. Then you'll need to make the hard decisions: Post up poolside or head to the beach - or both? This is your final beach day on tour and there's no wrong answers here.

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Day 21

Ho Chi Minh City!

Morning bus to the buzzing city of Saigon! Spend the day checking out the sights and enjoy a goodbye feast before heading out into the city for a night out. The hotel is located in a bustling backpacker district where the neon nightlife and near endless restaurants are never more than a few steps from the door. Expect dancing, singing, drinking, and more dancing on one of the last days together with your crew of new lifelong mates.

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Day 22

Cu Chi Tunnels

Walk through what was once the front battlelines during the Vietnam War. These tunnels were once the base of operations for the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. In all, there are over 250 kilometres of tunnels that honeycomb through the district of Cu Chi alone. You can weave your way through the extensive tunnel system or even pay a small fee to try your aim with several firearms - even an AK47!

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Day 23

Until Next Time

Enjoy a final breakfast together and say your goodbyes and until-next-times before heading to the airport or further on in your travels. The tour has finished but your Vietnam adventure will stay with you for a lifetime!

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