Here's Why To Consider A Group Backpacking Tour


Travelling is one of few things in life that no one ever seems to regret. Because of this, there is no shortage of people with plans to experience the world for themselves. They might not be sure when they’ll take that trip but answer is usually sometime in the near future. But as with anything, good intentions don’t get you very far. 

But as simple and carefree as strapping on a backpack and heading off appears in all of those inspiring Facebook and Instagram feeds, it takes a lot of work to make it happen. That work often turn plans for the near future into a couple years down the road.


So Many Options - Where to Start?


The planning, the budgeting, airport transfers, the haggling once you arrive, the entire experience itself can be daunting. There are unlimited articles talking about must-see locations, must-know travel tips, hotel offerings, and an endless list of activities that look equally necessary to experience in places like Vietnam with a quick Google search.


That Google search will lead you to ask yourself things like:

  • “Is Halong Bay as beautiful as it looks?”

  • “Will I like trudging through the mud in Phong Nha’s Dark Cave as much as I think I will?” (Yes!)

  • “Am I the only one intimidated by the mere idea of planning a trip somewhere half a world away that I know next to nothing about? (No!)

  • “How much is too much to pay for a sleeper bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang?”

  • “What if I pick the wrong sleeper bus company?”


You might then decide you don’t have the time for this right now and put off those plans for just a bit longer. We all put things off knowing we’ll regret it later. That’s just how most of us are wired. Here’s where a group tour starts making sense.


Stress-Free Travel

Many people choose to join our tour out of sheer convenience.

This is not to say that anyone should ever be intimidated by the idea of traveling alone. We just want to help anyone that wants to see Vietnam, see Vietnam. Whether you don’t like the idea of travelling solo or just can’t find the time to make a plan, we created Backpacking Through Vietnam as a convenient way to knock down any barrier stopping you from experiencing this incredible country for yourself. 

A group trip is still your unique experience. You don’t have to wake up at 4 am for the desert sunrise in Phan Thiet, but is that really something worth missing for a couple hours sleep? You can skip the 500 steps to the top of Hang Mua if you’re feeling a slight hangover, but that view... Your time in Vietnam is yours to do with what you’d like; we suggest, you decide.

New Adventures, New Friends

And in the end, you will have a legitimate backpacking, life-altering experience. You will finish your tour with a massive new web of friends and connections. Lifelong friends that you will stay in touch with and reminisce with about the time you spent in that wild place after you just so happened to book the same dates on the same tour in Vietnam.

If you’re so inclined to look at things in such a way, fate brings friends together. And one of the best parts? You will have couches all over the world to welcome you as your travels continue after you time in Vietnam.

We take the opportunity to create this travel experience for you as an absolute honor. We’ve been doing it in Thailand for over four years now and love everything about the experience of bringing people together for such a monumental life experience. We’ve even introduced future husbands and wives! With the launch of Backpacking Through Vietnam, we can’t wait to start a whole new chapter of “how did you meet?” stories that begin: “we both joined the same tour in Vietnam.”