Connecting Tour Planning Guide

You can now begin your travel journey with Backpacking Tours in four different countries: Thailand, Bali, Vietam, or Cambodia. That's four countries with 35 different stops in total that have all been hand picked by our travel-loving tour creators.

From the elephant sanctuary in Thailand, to Halong Bay in Vietnam, experiencing a Kecak Fire Dance in Bali, and Cambodia's Angkor Wat, each tour offers something unique and something specifically chosen for backpackers.

This guide makes it as easy as possible to find, book, and enjoy the perfect tour route for you without the headache of planning, finding travel mates, or guessing where, how, and when to travel. 

For starters, here are the tour starting dates for  Backpacking Through BaliBackpacking Through ThailandBackpacking Through Cambodia, and Backpacking Through Vietnam through the 2019 calendar year.

Starting Dates


With all the route options available, there are a lot of different ways to experience this lineup of tours.

Start with Thailand then on to Bali? Sure!

Bali this year, Cambodia next year, and Thailand after that? Not a bad way to cash in on your Multi-Tour Discount!

Combine Thailand, Bali, and Cambodia in one epic three month adventure? Go for gold - and cash in on the multi-booking discount mentioned above.

Now that you've seen the start dates, you probably have an idea of which country you plan on starting with. Or maybe not.

Whether you have a specific time of year you plan to travel or decide you would rather plan according to what is available, we break down the connecting tour route options on a tour-by-tour basis to assist you in the planning process.

Thailand Connecting Tour Dates

Vietnam Connecting Tour Dates

Cambodia Connecting Tour Dates

Bali Connecting Tour Dates


Hassle-Free Connections

No need to go it alone. Our staff of travel fanatics are available to help with transport, accommodation, and excursion options during your time in between tours - something like your personal team of travel agents!

No matter which tour route you choose, you will meet new friends from around the world, take advantage of our backpacker-friendly discounts for returning customers, and enjoy a little bit of extra backpacker luxury along the way.

We're so thankful for every single one of you who have joined us on tour in the past and hope you plan to join us again in the future. 

And to all you curious travellers who we have yet to meet, we wish you a lifetime of life-changing travel - whether with us or on other adventures. 

But hopefully with us. 

Get in touch with a tour coordinator and start planning your journey by clicking here.