Backpacking Tours: Who, What, When, Where, Why - and How

Who books the tour, what to pack (your stuff in), when tours run, where to meet your group, why a group tour, and how to bring money for the tour? These are all understandable questions and ones we get often!

Here’s a quick-access index to these six FAQ’s:

Who Books The Tour

Backpacking Tours - Backpacking Through Vietnam

Most groups are made up of travellers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. We have also had more than 10 other nationalities also join us on tour. The age range usually falls between 18-35 years old with most group members being solo travellers. That doesn’t mean small groups and thrill-seeking couples can’t join the adventure (twin rooms most nights is a huge reason couples love the tours).


What To Pack (Your Stuff In)

Backpacks are preferred and will be more convenient for you but normal luggage works all the same. You’ll never have to carry your luggage for too long at any one time. Try to find something that’s easily accessible and waterproof if possible. And please bring a smaller daypack for short trips throughout the tour. 

We recommend the following on all of our tours:

  • 5-6 light-weight t-shirts

  • 2-3 pairs of shorts

  • 1 light but waterproof jacket

  • Simple padlock to lock up your belongings

  • 1 long-sleeved top

  • 1 pair of trousers/long pants

  • 1 electrical converter

  • Shoes that are suitable for hiking/getting dirty

  • Waterproof shoes if you have them

  • Flip-flops, thongs, jandals (whatever you may call them)

  • Swimwear

  • A camera is highly suggested to remember your experience!

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen


A note on laundry on tour: There are places to do laundry throughout all of our tours. We suggest packing less and doing a couple washings to avoid lugging lots of extra weight around.


When Do Tours Run

Tours run throughout the year! Most of our tours have monthly departures (two per month during peak seasons). You can find the complete schedule and pricing in your preferred currency at the following page for each tour:


Where To Meet Your Group

We make this simple and straight-forward to avoid any and all stress! You can fly from anywhere into the first destination city on each tour and each tour begins with free airport pick up on day 1 (as well as airport drop off on the final day of the tour). The meeting location and pick up schedule is easy to read and sent via email the week before your tour begins.

Pick ups happen every hour throughout the day and our staff will be at the airport holding a sign with our logo and your name after getting your bags. Our staff is also available 24/7 to call with any questions and we track all the flights so even if your flight is cancelled or delayed, you will never get left behind at the airport!


Why A Group Tour

Backpacking Tours - Backpacking Through Vietnam

There are several reasons to travel with a group tour! Fuss-free travel is a huge factor. Whether solo, with a small group, or a partner, there is a lot of planning needed for a quality backpacking trip. Especially one that does not miss out on all the must-see locations and avoids the usual pitfalls and scams solo travellers will experience. We spend hundreds of hours researching our itineraries to provide the best experience for you.

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Aside from the sheer convenience of having a plan provided, you will also have the safety and security of our English-speaking, local guides and in-office staff that is always available to you. Not to mention you will share a room with just one other group member most nights on all of our tours. All accommodation is hand-picked by our staff and you end up spending the same for a comfortable, clean twin room as what others are paying to share with 4, 8, 12, and even sometimes 20 other backpackers.


How To Bring Money

You have two options: bring cash from home to exchange at a currency exchange kiosk or bring your cash card from home. Which option you decide will depend on whether you are comfortable carrying a large amount of cash the entire tour or prefer to just withdraw what you need along the way. The transport and accommodation is all very secure so nothing to worry about there.

For spending money, we suggest budgeting the following (per day). If you like to shop, prefer Western food (it will be a bit more expensive), plan on some/many big nights out, or want to get involved in all of the optional extra activities then plan to budget a bit more:

  • £5-10 GBP

  • $10-15 USD

  • €10-15 EUR

  • $25-30 CAD

  • $25-30 AUD

  • $25-30 NZD

ATM’s are available on all of our tours in most locations. Any Visa or Mastercard cash-card will work in most locations. There will be a small fee for most cards as well as a commission for exchanging money. Please inform your bank or card provider before travelling to avoid having your account frozen with an unexpected overseas charge!


That rounds out some of our top FAQ’s. If you have any questions that were not covered above, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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