5 Reasons To Go Backpacking Through Vietnam

There’s plenty of reasons to put Vietnam near the top of your ever-growing list of travel destinations. This jaw-dropping country checks all the must-have boxes if you are looking for an experience that is so much more than just a normal holiday.

Here’s our top five reasons to consider Vietnam for your next adventure:


Cultural immersion, history and adventure

Beyond the stunning landscapes of Tam Coc, Halong Bay, and Phong Nha and the 1000 year-old sights scattered from Hue to Hanoi, the vibrant culture, bustling streets, and humbling-ly beautiful Vietnamese people leave you wanting to see everything this country has to offer.

Sit down at a monastery to take lunch with the nuns who call this home? Yes you will do that. Spend a morning at a local school to see a different side of Vietnamese life? That too! Slide down the longest zipline in Vietnam? Yep. The experience will also include lots of sampling of the mouth-watering Vietnamese food and a traditional cooking class, of course!

Check out out complete list of 30+ included activities on our 23-day backpacking tour.


Don’t forget the beach scene

Beaches dominate the scene next door in other backpacker hotspots like Thailand and Cambodia. In Vietnam, often travellers are so enamoured with the beauty of the mountainous north that the 2,000 km of dramatic coastline flies under the radar. The beaches hug the mountains down the coastline and this makes for some pretty spectacular scenes as you following the Ho Chi Minh Highway south.

An Bang Beach in Hoi An (day 11-14, Thuan An Beach in Hue (day 9-11), Nha Trang Beach in, well, Nha Trang (day 15-17), are all stops along the adventure with their own unique vibes.

We make sure you get just the right balance of beaches with stops in the mountains, cities, desert, and jungle to keep things interesting.


Comfort & convenience

No headache trying to sort out transportation schedules and prices, no getting packed into a small van like sardines when you finally do. And nearly every night you will share your room with just one other group member assigned at random by gender unless requested otherwise.

We visit all the accommodation ourselves to ensure they are clean, secure, and up to our standards for accommodation offered on the Bali, Cambodia, and Thailand tours. 

There’s no reason you can’t have a genuine backpacking experience with a bit of added comfort along the way. We’ve added those comforts so that you can avoid the sleepless nights, bug-ridden beds, and headache of coordinating transportation.


Budget-friendly exchange rate

The exchange rate is one notable perk of visiting Vietnam - especially for backpackers on shoe-string budget. Everyone likes cheap food and cheap drink! On our 23 day tour, not only do you get to take advantage of Vietnam pricing, but because we have locked in contracts with all of our suppliers - accommodation, activities, and transport - you get next level comforts compared to those going at it alone paying the same amount for hostels, public buses, and unnecessary stress.


Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you are looking for excursions to do on a holiday, any UNESCO World Heritage Site is a good place to start the planning! In short, a World Heritage site is a landmark or area which is selected by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having cultural, historical, scientific or other form of significance, and is legally protected by international treaties.

It is easy to see why the five UNESCO sites on the tour have received the designation when you visit Halong Bay (day 4-5), Trang An Landscape Complex (Day 5-7), Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (day 7-9), Ancient Capital of Hue (day 9), and Hoi An Ancient Town (day 11-15). Check out highlights from each day over in the gallery.



Our goal here at Backpacking Through Vietnam is to provide an all-encompassing 23 day group backpacking tour that provides a balance of culture, adventure, and fun for an unforgettable journey. If you have any questions about the tour, or Vietnam in general, shoot us a message or connect with us on Facebook.